The Use of Revolving Debt The back approach and you need to equip your children?

Looking to buy HiFi equipment for your salon?

Your washing machine broke down, and you need to replace it?

You can use your revolving credit a little, a lot or not at all, depending on the month and needs.

In case of emergency, do not worry: the desired amount is released within 72 hours worked.

To claim this amount, you have several options that all share simplicity:


– By phone by calling your advisor

– From your mobile phone via the mobile site or application

– From store, indicating your file number and presenting your identity card


But there is also your Private Area, very convenient to unlock your money:


– Visit your Private Space

– Click on the “Manage my credit” and “Use my revolving credit”

– Specify the desired amount.


The sum will be released within the available amount on your revolving credit.


And to track your repayments, specialized sites have a clear and comprehensive statement, available 24/24 on the Internet.