Credit Cards and Revolving DebtIf you opt for a revolving credit, several alternatives open to you to use:

– Through a line of credit is an overdraft in which you can draw by bank transfer or by check;

– Via a credit card.

If you opt for a revolving credit facility with a credit card, you must choose which solution best fits your profile.


Transfer to your card


The first solution to enjoy your revolving debt is the transfer to your credit card:

– Once you think you need your cash reserve, you use the means of banking (telephone, Internet, etc…) to supply your card as usual.

– This gives you a reflective mastery of your budget.


Revolving credit: choose the option of the 2 cards


Another possibility is to use two cards:

– You can have a debit card and a credit card or purchase.

– The first is for spending your income, the second serves to draw in the cash reserve of revolving credit. This solution combines reflection and practicality.

– The purchasing card is issued by certain stores and you can spend the credit they gave you their brand. This card is registered.


Dual choice Card


Finally, the last option to use your revolving credit is the card with double choice:

– Some cards include a cash basis and credit function. You choose your option at checkout.

– If this is the most practical solution, it must still be careful not to make mistakes too often or use reserve money.