Revolving Debt: Debt RepaymentYou’re right: regularly monitor its credit; it is used intelligently and responsibly.


The easiest would be to contact your balance by phone … but for safety reasons and to ensure the privacy of your personal information, we refuse it.


However, you can get this information in another way, when you want.


You have purchased a bank loan


For the remaining balance due or to obtain an amortization schedule balance, you may apply by phone. We will send you by mail the desired elements.


You signed a revolving credit


For the amount awarded, the amount used and the amount available, refer to the statement that we send you every month by mail. It is also permanently available on your private space.


After an update on your current loans, he may want to make changes (change of date of collection, deferred monthly …).


Contact your Advisor to talk. This is to allow you to control your credit at any time you have an easy access to your information!