Revolving Debt: Ways to Read the Monthly StatementWith the help of your advisor, everything is clear … even what may seem a priori complicated!

Also, for your revolving credit, they have created an easy to understand monthly statement.

You get in the mail and there is also access to your Private Area.


Here are the major sections of this document with, in some cases, their precise meaning to fully understand all the terms of your statement:


– Your allotted amount: the amount that was given at the opening of your revolving credit.

– Your available amount: the amount you have available to date and that you can use at your discretion.

– Your amount used: the total of all your expenses and / or transfers made to the publishing date of your statement.

– The reminder of your last monthly payment, and the next.

– The total amount of your monthly expenses paid with your card: a date is given to you stating when you can pay with your card, either for cash or on credit.

– The reminder of the amount paid in cash your “Card Expenses” in the last month.


You will also find the following items for offer full transparency:


– Changes your balance: the details of your expenses and your repayments over. It is here that you will find your new balance.

– The details of your next monthly payment are composed of refunds related to your use, interest…

– The details of your credit card spending: all transactions for the month made ​​with your Visa.

– If you have any questions about your bill, contact your advisor. He will answer all your questions.

– You now know how to control the playback of your statement: You see, it’s as simple as using your revolving credit!

– A coupon Application Bank: it allows you to make a transfer request directly to your regular bank account. Simply complete and return to the address indicated.

– Your contract number and access code that allows you to simply access your Private Area online.

– Contacts: all relevant information to contact us!