Revolving Debt: Debt RepaymentEach credit is designed for you to manage it effectively.


So pay your loan at once is possible, but we recommend you to think carefully before performing this operation.


In fact, if you have such a flow of money that allows you to do, think about the future, you may not otherwise use? Keep in reserve for holidays, for example?


Anyway, the final decision is yours! Reimbursement may then be total, but partial.


In all cases, conditions vary depending on the type of credit you have chosen:


You have a bank loan


Contact your advisor by phone to check the remaining amount due. He will send this information by mail. Your advisor will then provide the necessary information to make your payment. Note that under the terms of your contract, compensation for early repayment may be required.


You have a revolving debt


For the outstanding amount, log into your private space, see your last monthly statement. Then you can free of charge for early repayment. Just send us a check for the exact amount.


After receipt of the funds and in forty days (for full refund), we will send you a statement summarizing the complete sequence of operations and statement of account.


The full and even partial refund your credit is an important decision, we encourage you to weigh the pros and cons before making this operation.