DefinitionRevolving Debt


Revolving debt is a reconstituted credit that offers a sum of money that can be used in whole or in part, that you pay on credit. Your revolving credit reconstitutes as your repayments. Revolving debt is free if you do not use the money provision. Like any consumer credit, revolving credit is credit that you can redeem in whole or in part, without extra charge. The amount of interest is calculated on the outstanding principal.

Peculiarities of the revolving debt


Revolving credit is a credit for one year, renewable annually by tacit agreement. It is possible to put an end by making a request to your credit agency.


Benefits of revolving debt


Revolving credit allows flexibility to the extent you use according to your needs. No justification for the use you want to make with this credit is requested.


The use of revolving credit


Example: This month, Kylie has to face unexpected expenses. Her car broke down and because of the cost of repair, it needs an additional 400 $ to finish the month calmly and not be discovered. She then chooses to purchase a revolving debt.  After a study and expiration of the withdrawal period reserve money is made ​​available by the credit institution. This month, she will not use it fully because it needs only 400 $. As to these reimbursements, the initial sum of money will be restored.


Later, she can use it again and pay the monthly payment every month she has chosen to open her credit reserve. She may even pay at once if she wishes.