What is the redemption of credits?Credit Elements


Redemption of credits is to replace many of your credits (and debts if any) existing in a single loan, the duration and monthly is arranged according to your budget in order to benefit from different conditions.


Benefits to the borrower are multiple:


Readjustment of your monthly


You can redefine the terms of this refund. Your monthly payment, your time is fixed.

The lower monthly payment must be assessed in relation to the remainder of the objects on loans consolidation credit. It can lead to the extension of the repayment period and increase the total cost of credit.


Managing your budget


Once your loans are consolidating, you have more than one credit to repay:


  • One monthly payment
  • A single fixed rate
  • A fixed
  • A single sample
  • One contact


Financing new projects or cash


In the context of a repurchase of loans, it may consider funding a new project or a sum of money in case of cash needs.


What credits can you consolidate?


In your new loan, you can regroup:


  • Your consumer credit regardless organizations to which you have subscribed (revolving debt, car loans, credit work, personal loans, store cards, etc…).


  • Your mortgage (within 60% of the amount financed)


  • Your debt (bank overdrafts, bills, family debts, tax debts …)


In addition, you can get:


Financing your new projects (new car, used car, work …) Cash.