Debt Payment Following this situation and especially to improve our heating system, it left us with more than we tempted by one or another of these credit offers called “revolving debt” or” reserve money ” that overwhelmed our mailbox at this time. So we went, without knowing it, to transform our dream of owning a home in a nightmare.


This account and available revolving debt, is actually a loan of money from a certain sum, which is at your disposal and you can use and abuse, within the amount of money given to you. If you are removing a portion of this amount, you will pay interest based on the amount you use and the monthly repayments will be, too, depending on the amount.


As the reimbursements, capital money available is recovering and the amount of monthly payments decrease if you do not touch it capital. It is also called a credit rebuild. That makes the fact that you have always a certain amount of money depending on your repayments. You can unlock it at any time.  Everyone must be aware that the interest rate for these loans is very high. But when you are in need, we never lend attention to these details.


So we got our first account available with ease and a disconcerting speed. This  credit had paid our new coil and allowed to start the work of fencing the property, the replacement of small appliances having served their time, etc..


Noting that after 3 months, had again a little capital available, felt a little less poor and began to plan to make more work than expected. So with family budget with the money received a serious boost, you did, you must admit, a little less attention to your spending money.