Revolving Debt PrinciplesYour TV just let you go? Need a new refrigerator? You have an unexpected bill to pay? Whatever the case, the revolving credit can help you with your project…


A sum of money at your disposal

You apply for a revolving debt. The principle is about a sum of money at your disposal, granted after acceptance of your application.


As and when your payments, your credit Renewable is recovering and you can use it to make new purchases.


A variable length depending on your loan

The maximum repayment term of your revolving credit depends on the amount allocated to the outcome of your request. It is defined based on your repayment capacity.

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on your revolving credit is adjustable depending on the amount outstanding.


To know

You can associate your revolving credit to a credit card…

There are many, each offering the same services, insurance and assistance than traditional credit cards with more valuable guarantees included specific (extended warranty, Internet delivery insurance shopping …). Every month you can choose the mode of payment for each purchase made ​​with your credit card: cash, credit, some cash and other credit.


Insurance: the responsible gesture for you and your family

Because of an accident, serious illness or death can make your repayments impossible and jeopardize the financial stability of your family; therefore it’s mandatory to have insurance.