Revolving Debt: Stores LoansNote that there are two types of loans that are offered at stores:

– Revolving credit,

– Credit sales.


The revolving credit agreement in store works on the same principle as you sign directly with the bank for example. Normal: This is the copy!


The only difference is you have in front of you a seller and not a bank Advisor. You calculate it with the duration of your revolving credit, your monthly payments … Everything is clear input. Once you have purchased credit, so you can use it directly on the point of sale. The amount needed for your purchase is paid to the seller, without going through your bank account.


Remember to check the supporting documents if you want to purchase a revolving credit at store.


As for repayment terms in your contract, they are identical to those bank contracts. The same goes for the benefits in terms of use, rebates … By subscribing to a credit in the brand, for example you can manage your contract on your Private Area online.


In addition, regardless of the partner store where you purchased your revolving credit, you are free to use the amount available in any other store, partner… or not, if you have opted for credit card.


On the sale on credit, it is modeled on the same principle as the bank loan “classic”: an amount is paid to you, you repay at your own pace. Again, everything is fixed input with the seller: duration, monthly payments.


You will enjoy all the facilities offered throughout the duration of the contract, subject to approval after reviewing your file. Established in store, it allows you to acquire your property: the amount borrowed for the purchase is paid directly to the dealer, without going through your bank account. You can then retrieve the information of your contract on your Private Area online.