Revolving Debt: Bank DebtThis is funding for your project or your situation, which allows you to achieve realization.

This is especially true with some solutions…


The principle: You pay a sum of money that you pay over time, at your own pace.

Everything is defined input with your Advisor

– The amount of your credit

– The annual percentage rate (APR),

– The amount of your monthly payments,

– The duration of your refund,

– Deadlines.


A preliminary study of your application is made, depending on your needs and your income, we want to ensure that you repay your credit serenely, this step is essential! Once you get the loan, the amount requested is fully paid into your bank account.


The bank offers a range of cheap loans tailored to specific projects, such as buying a car with auto loan or the execution of works … Feel free to make your online simulation or contact your advisor for more information.


It will also assist you throughout the loan repayment. Because we know that your financial situation may change over time, we offer you the ability to change the amount of your monthly payment. Then your loan will be adjusted automatically: if you increase your repayments, the loan will be shortened. If you lower it will be extended. Think carefully before you make your decision, since changing the loan also changes its cost.


Find your information online


To allow you to access details, you will find in your Private Area online all information about your credit. Your file accessible 24h/24 securely includes:


– The amount borrowed,

– The number of deadlines,

– The date of your first monthly

– The date of your last monthly payment.