Money To Finance Your NeedsWith a revolving debt you finance all types of expenditures without evidence. After validating your file and open your credit, borrowed money is available in the form of payment to your account within 48 hours (after the expiration of the withdrawal period in force).


A revolving debt is a loan available for one year tacitly renewable. This revolving loan can have a liquidity facility between 500 dollars and 4500 dollars throughout the year and it is renewable at the end of each year.


It is advisable to opt for formula revolving debt to finance various expenditures amounting undefined. The money can be allocated to all expenses desired by the user: no proof of purchase or quotation is requested.


A revolving credit can be used both to fund current spending (autumn, decorating clothes, etc…) to fund a passion (sports) or trip.


The formula allows you to manage payments and loans to finance only those needs.


Revolving debt: flexibility and transparency


  • You get a service “pause” that allows you to suspend your payments for a month each year.


  • You receive a monthly statement that informs you of the cost of the debt and interest rate applied to your loan,


  • You choose at your convenience sampling date reimbursements,


  • You can increase the amount of your repayments without charge to shorten the duration of debt,


  • Once the line of credit, you pay no interest on the money that you do not use.


Revolving debt: Refunds and credit costs


After validating your file, the revolving loan offers flexibility of use: it can borrow money available throughout the year and get the desired payment within 48 hours, subject to outstanding stock.


You repay your loan according to a schedule established minimum monthly payments in advance. With your repayments, you rebuild the credit every month. In general, when you pay quickly; the cost of credit is reduced.


Rates and the cost of revolving debt vary depending on amount borrowed and the amounts remaining to pay, on a scale that is given to you at the time of signing the credit.


Throughout the year, you can manage your account, and focus on your repayments and borrowings, taking an appointment with a financial advisor.