Revolving DebtIt is a way to fund your projects or deal with an unexpected expense.

An alternative to credit “classic” to consider, especially with the formulas set up for you

Specifically, a sum of money is borrowed:  you then pay off according to a pre-announced rate. This will vary over time.

You can make use of, in whole or in part, upon subscription. For example, in an emergency, if your washing machine breaks down or you need to pay a bill that you have not included in your expenses. You also have the option to keep “on hand” for a big investment: holiday, the layout of your living room…

Know that you pay no fees if you do not use it, but it is to be used thoughtfully, mainly for a small amount or need to spread over time.


When you purchase your revolving credit, together we define:


– The maximum amount available to you: the amount depends on both your needs and your financial situation, so that you can pay safely,

– The repayment term that seems most appropriate.


These are the conditions when using your revolving credit. They constitute what is called the principal plan.


Once your final acceptance, the desired amount can be transferred to your bank account in less than 72 hours worked, upon your request.


Then you start repaying your credit from the first use. As and when these payments, your capital is reconstituted. Your revolving credit thus becomes available for new uses. Needless to build a new folder every time you need: you reuse your revolving credit promptly as and when you wish.


Here’s how to pay off your revolving credit:


– If you use all of your revolving credit at once, you pay the amount due on the agreed period,

– If you use only a portion of your revolving credit, you pay monthly payments equal to the amount used. The unused amount is available.


You can also at any time choose to prepay the loan amount: interest is then calculated on the number of days of credit actually used.